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I might be drunk right now, but I just saw something very interesting and decided to take a weird step with my most closely guarded and important character.

I've struggled to define Anna in some ways for a very long time. The troubled young woman who fights (very literally) for survival in a world in which no one gives a shit whether she lives or dies. Since I was 18 (that's 4 years to you) Anna has been a skinny white girl. Now, you see this in a lot of teen lit- badass female characters are written as 'slight' or 'slender' or 'quiet' or basically physically fucking invisible. They're also often written as white. Non-caucasian characters are sidekicks, and 'sassy ghetto friends', etc. I'm in no way an authority on race and literature, and I'm also no authority on body image because I'm, I guess you could say, blessed with 'skinny privilege' because I happen to be kinda on the thin side.

Anna is my baby. She's flourished inside my head for many years, and she haunts my dreams and my sketches and my writing since the day she came into this world. And she's always been a skinny white girl. Why? Why do I reduce this powerful, enigmatic character to someone who is physically undermined. She's powerful- she's a fighter.

Like I said, I might be drunk, but I'm going to challenge myself to re-write this lady. I am white, and a part of me is afraid of writing her as anything other than caucsian because I know NOTHING of being non-caucasian, but lucky for me, she's written in a futuristic dystopia, so I guess I could try.  I don't know. I'll try, and I'll try to succeed into making a drastic change to the nature of this character because I believe I've been writing her all wrong all this time. This woman is powerful and misunderstood and unheard, and I want to write her so that she is understood, and so that she is heard, but not from the point of advantage in the Western society.

Tl;dr- I'm really drunk and I'm trying to contribute to literature in a different way.
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Maria D
United Kingdom
I come from the badlands of the wild wild East(ern Europe) but currently reside in the modest, stiff-upper-lipped, rioting, looting country of crumpets and tea.
I like hip-hop, rock, and everything in between. I also like grilled steak and pink lady apples. I don't like uptightness and snobbery. I can't stand people with no sense of humour and I can't stand British sausages.


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Birthday? Today? Hooray!
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OI I miss you where the hell you gone?
laydeepunch Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2014
To uni haha, shit-tons of work, been pretty busy
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Aww shit son, hope its going good, missing you on the chatroom
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Yeah it's moving along, I'm a bit behind what with the driving tests being a bitch and all but I'm hoping to catch up this weekend.
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trip the light fantastic = dance.

I asked you to dance, lass, not to pass enough mandy to make you feel like you just heard Bonobo and Snakehips accurately reproduce the best sex you've ever had in audio format.
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OHHHH, both are good things though!
Sharkmouth-Monkeypaw Featured By Owner May 12, 2013  Professional General Artist
his loyalty, I figured it out. His whole life, unbeknownst to him and maybe even here, was fbricated. Brutal russian training and brainwashing from toddler age explains his undying loyalty, and his skill set. his fabricated past is so it all makes sense to him, and his brain wont regress to his true self and unravel the brainwashing because she is the key, every moment he spends with her tightens the brainwashing's hold on his subconscious, and heightens his loyalty. And if she didn't know, perhaps when she somehow finds out, she questions wether it's safe for her to be around him, if he isn't some foreign agent sent to kill her, and starts doubting him, since nigh everything she knows about him, she cant validate. Since it's fabricated.
could make for some juicy drama later.
btw. it wouldnt let me send this in a note, hence the comment from hell.
laydeepunch Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
Hahah, 's cool man. hate it when DA bugs out. And yeah, that is a really cool spin on it- I like it a lot! Give me a shout in advance when you're free and we'll flesh this out. Peace bro!
Sharkmouth-Monkeypaw Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Professional General Artist
when would you have time?
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